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Non-medical transport services provide an accessible means of transportation for individuals who cannot drive, do not have access to a vehicle, or have a disability that makes it difficult to use public transportation.

Personalized Care

Non-medical transport services prioritize the overall well-being and comfort of their passengers. Whether you are a senior citizen, an individual with a disability, or anyone requiring special assistance, these services cater to your specific needs

Peace of Mind

Using non-medical transport services gives you peace of mind knowing that you are in the hands of professionals who prioritize your safety and security. The drivers are licensed, insured, and experienced in providing transportation services


Non-medical transport services are often more cost-effective compared to alternative modes of transportation, such as taxis or ridesharing. They offer competitive pricing options, including flat rates or discounted packages for frequent travelers

We SPECIALIZE in Non-Emergency
Medical Transportation

About K3C Tranportation

Servicing Montgomery, Alabama and surrounding areas

We provide prompt, reliable transportation for individuals at K3C Transportation. Professionally trained courteous and caring drivers ensure your safe transportation to any event or appointment. Our vehicles are family-friendly minivans or full-size cars for your convenience. We offer ADA compliant vans with all safety features, including SureLok FT 4 point tie downs with lap and shoulder belts. Family members or care givers are also welcome to ride free of charge.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to transportation services tailored to their needs. Whether you require transportation to medical appointments, therapy sessions, social events, or simply to run errands, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Our trained drivers are experienced in assisting clients with unique requirements, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey from pick-up to drop-off. Safety is our top priority, which is why all our drivers undergo extensive background checks and receive training in first aid and defensive driving. We adhere to strict safety protocols and regularly maintain our vehicles to provide a secure and worry-free experience for our passengers.

Why Choose K3C?

We understand that transportation can be a challenge for individuals with mobility issues or special needs. That's why we are here to provide safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation solutions to help you or your loved ones move around with ease. 

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For all your non-emergency medical needs

K3C Medical Transport has established itself as a leading provider in medical transportation regionally.

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