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At K3C Transportation we service individuals who are in need of medical assistance but do not require emergency care. We cater to individuals who have medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from driving themselves or using traditional transportation options. Our main objective of a non-emergency medical transport company is to ensure the safe and comfortable transportation of patients to and from medical appointments, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare facilities. We employ trained drivers who are knowledgeable about handling medical equipment and providing basic medical assistance if required. Customers of non-emergency medical transport companies can include seniors, individuals with disabilities, individuals with chronic illnesses, or anyone who requires specialized medical transportation services. These services can be utilized on a one-time basis or scheduled on a recurring basis, depending on the needs of the patient.

Patients We Service

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is often necessary for patients who are unable to transport themselves to regular healthcare appointments or other medical services due to various medical conditions or situations.

Chronic illnesses:

Patients with chronic conditions such as cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, or diabetes may require regular transportation to receive treatment, undergo tests, or visit specialists.

Routine preventive care

Transportation may be necessary for routine healthcare services such as annual physical exams, vaccinations, prenatal care, or regular check-ups, ensuring continuity of care and early detection of health issues

Elderly individuals

Seniors who face difficulties driving or using public transportation may require NEMT for routine medical appointments, including visits to primary care physicians, specialists, or for access to rehabilitation or long-term care facilities.

Post-surgery or post-hospitalization

Patients recovering from surgeries, hospitalizations, or medical procedures may need non-emergency transportation to attend follow-up appointments, rehabilitation sessions, or for any continued care required after discharge

Mental health appointments

Individuals with mental health conditions, who require regular therapy sessions or psychiatric appointments, may rely on NEMT services due to the nature of their condition or in cases where traveling alone may pose safety concerns.

Dialysis and chemotherapy treatments

Patients undergoing ongoing dialysis treatment or chemotherapy may require NEMT to attend these lifesaving and critical treatments multiple times a week.

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